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2018 VSNC Neighborhood Award Winners

The Virginia Statewide Neighborhoods Conference, Inc. Neighborhood Awards is a program which recognizes and honors the individual and collective accomplishments of neighborhood residents and organizations from around the Commonwealth of Virginia. Each year, nominations are submitted to the VSNC, Inc. Awards Review Committee who reviews, rates and selects the winners in four categories. The four categories we recognize are Project of the Year, Advocate of the Year, Youth Individual Effort of the Year and Youth Group Effort of the Year. Although the 2018 Statewide Neighborhood Conference was canceled due to the extreme weather conditions forecasted for the Hampton Rds. Region, VSNC. Inc. is proud to announce and Congratulate the winners of the 2018 Awards Program in each of the four categories.

Project of the Year

  • 1st place – Ingleside Community/Resilience and Sustainability Collaboration with Elizabeth River Project – Norfolk, VA
    A neighborhood impacted by severe storms that left flooding an environmental damage came together with collaborative efforts from a nearby neighborhood project to create a quality of life solution.

  • 2nd place – FACETS – Paradise Park Project at Barros Circle – Centreville, VA
    The Paradise Park Project turned a messy, polluted area of the neighborhood into a vibrant park and community garden. Added to the now thriving environment was a sense of pride and peace of mind as this community could now feel safe and secure as they walked throughout their revived neighborhoods.

  • 3rd place – Beautification Community- Lindenwood/Cottage Heights/Barraud Park Civic League “LOVE Project”- Norfolk, VA
    Imagine a neighborhood with a welcome sign of L.O.V.E. This small neighborhood came together to “promote integrity for the community as well as a neighborhood standard for our residents and all who enter.” L.O.V.E. – Living in an Optimal, Viable, Evolving community that is safe, neighborly and cohesive.”

Advocate of the Year

  • 1st place – Sarah Peoples Perry – Virginia Beach, VA
    A champion for her community for the past 50+ years, her leadership and partnership with Norfolk public schools, Southside Boys and Girls Club of America, Norfolk Parks and Recreation are only a few of the groups she has helped improve the quality of life in Norfolk.

  • 2nd place – Jacqueline Glass- Norfolk, VA
    Awarded the City of Norfolk Neighbors Building Neighborhoods “Neighborhood Champion” award, she is a resident who has made distinguished contributions by lending her experience, expertise and efforts to improve this community.

  • 3rd place - Charles Johnson, Norfolk, VA
    Representing the Park Place Civic League (PPCL) subdivisions of East Kensington, Old Dominion Place, park Place, and Virginia Place; volunteering to improve the neighborhoods’ environment, encouraging neighborhood interaction with partners, and promoting community programs and events, are all noble goals of Charles E. Johnson, Jr.

Youth Individual Effort of the Year

  • 1st place – Macayla & Machel Martinez – Norfolk, VA
    “Two names with one mission and heart.” Two sisters delivering smiles and love to the doorsteps of the residents of Ballentine Place helping to bring the neighborhood back to life.

Youth Group Effort of the year

  • 1st place - Wedgewood Community Center Puzzle – Annandale, VA
    Creating a “community puzzle” for the students in this community school environment used to get to know each other better, which helps to prevent violence, break down barriers, build good peer relationships and make the community a safer place for them to learn and grow.

  • 2nd place - Y. H. Thomas Community Center – Hampton, VA
    With an early beginning as a junior high school, evolving into a skills training center, and then out of a growing community interest, into a thriving community center, Y.H. Thomas continues to be a community center dedicated to providing a fun and safe environment for area residents to play, learn and grow.

All 1st place winners received a trophy, certificate and monetary award. 2nd & 3rd place winners received a certificate and monetary award. For additional information about the VSNC, Inc. Awards Program please contact Shellae Blackwell, 757-727-6282.