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Youth Café

The Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference Youth Café creates a new phase of learning for youth between the ages of 13-18 years of age with workshops designed specifically to engage, empower and enlighten them. This year, youth participants will gain an understanding about the latest technology applications and how to maintain personal safety while using them and the internet, be inspired to make a difference in their communities by knowing what they think does make a difference, understanding how our legal system works to measure disputes fairly, and more.

While attending the Youth Café, young people will interact with their peers from across the state to learn about what civic, volunteer, and outreach efforts they are undertaking while developing new friendships and relationships along the way.

Youth attending the Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference are required to be under chaperone supervision at all times.

Check back often as information about the 2018 conference Youth Cafe schedule will be updated as it becomes available.